May 24th Check-in

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Well, hello!  Happy Queen Victoria’s Birthday!

We continue to rock!  Above, the first in our collection of Rock Art mosaics, in which students were invited to invent their own rocks, labelled either igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic.  (Were you to ask them, they should have some good sense of the differences; their art clearly demonstrates that understanding).

In Math right now, we’re looking at how to read analog (face) clocks and how to caluculate elapsed time.  I highly recommend practising this at home.

In Orthography, we’ve been discussing the concept of “twin bases”, which typically come from Latin roots.  The bases of <produce> and <product> are examples.  Keep your eyes open for others; discuss.

Here are some Important Things to be aware of:

Early Civilization Projects

The students have been doing a great job turning their research into paragraphs.  Next week will be a wrap-up week in which all students can put the finishing touches on their written work.  Some are already just about done; they’ll have other work next week.  At this point, I am not anticipating that anyone should need to do any of the writing at home.  My target deadline for the kids’ writing is next Thursday, the 30th.

I know that many artifacts are in production, some are done, while others are about to happen.  I have tried to check in with every student to ensure they are on track and feel that they have what they need to do this at home.  Where needed, I have helped to find materials or time here at school.  Please get in touch early next week if you have any concerns.

We will have our Early Civilizations Museum Open House on June 5th in the middle block of our day, from 12:00 to 1:00.  We will leave artifacts and reports on display until the next day, so if there is anyone who can’t make it earlier but would like to come by after school, this will be easily possible.

Field Trips

What can I say?  I like field trips.

  • LCVI:  Wednesday, May 29th.  We’ve been invited to sit in on the band practice at LCVI next week.  They are preparing for a peformance and could use the audience.  This came up because I was at LC last week and was thrilled to see the Grade 9 Beginner Music class perform, featuring three of my former students, two of whom are siblings of current students.  They were so great.  I did not know that this was an opportunity available (I hope it remains so in the future after all the current cuts) and want our kids to see it in their possible future.  Saxophone!  Trombone!  I spoke to Mr. McCann, the wonderful LC music teacher about this and he said, come on up!  We’ll walk up for 11:10 after an early lunch and return about 11:50.
  • BioBlitz:  Friday, May 31st.   You should have already seen the permission form.  Heed the tick warnings, but don’t panic.  Dress your child with long pants, maybe that they can tuck into their socks, and check them afterward.  Other than that, the day will be awesome and fun.  It’s a beautiful place.

I won’t give details just yet, but be assured I am cooking up at least one more off-site adventure this year.  June is going to need it!

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