Early Civilization Projects: home stretch

Hello Folks at Home:

I really, really, really hope you know about the Early Civilization Project we’ve been working on.  The students have been doing great on their research and writing.  I sent home a detailed description a month ago, but here is a reminder about the timeline.  Thank you to the many people who indicated they’d seen it.

I am hoping to create a “Museum” Open House in our class one day in the first week of June.  I’ll let you know the date this week and update this post.  That gives two more weekends to work on artifacts.  I’ve tried to check in with all the kids this week to be sure they are on track and have the materials they need.  But please get in touch if you have any concerns or questions.  The idea is simply to have something visual and tactile to go with their project.  It does not need to be a big deal.

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