Sharing Our Music and Our Learning

Hello folks!  Not much to say about these videos.  They don’t compare to being there live, but they will give a taste of what these awesome kids have achieved over the last while.

Our Uke Concert was completely sweet.  I am hesitant to share the video, with it’s not very good sound and non-thrilling filming angle, because my main interest is in the students’ having enjoyed the learning process and the experience of sharing music.  But here it is for your enjoyment.  I was totally proud of them.



And proud?!  Oh my goodness, these projects were/are fantastic!  Thanks so much to all those who were able to make it in for our Open House.  Again, here’s a taste of the Symposium that hopefully captures how seriously the kids took it all, how proud they are of themselves.  And, by the way, how much they learned!



P.S.  Turns out these two events are orthographically linked:  we figured out last week that <music> and <museum> have the same roots!

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