Dean Burry Visit






Today we had a visit from Dean Burry!  Who is Dean Burry?  He is the composer who composed Carnival of the Dinosaurs, which was the big piece performed by the Kingston Symphony when we went a month ago.  After finishing our own dinosaur project, we thought he might like to come and talk about dinosaurs and being creative and stuff like that.  And he came!  (It turns out he lives right here in Kingston–only since last June).

I like connecting with community members like this.  Most people like hanging out with young people who are interested in what they do, and it’s great for the kids to glimpse people’s passions.  Dean is clearly very experienced doing so through his work with the Canadian Opera Company, and from being a dad.  He was very generous with his time and the kids were, as usual, very engaged with great questions and comments.  He loved their dinosaurs, of course.  (If you haven’t had a chance to come and see them, they are up in the hall). Really, a bunch of people sitting around talking about dinosaurs and music is going to work out.

That’s all.  Just cool.

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