Votes, fractions, pickles and other stuff

O.K., tomorrow is the vote!  I’ve been so impressed with the conversations we’ve had this week, and the maturity and seriousness the students have brought to investigating the various candidates.  Today, in addition to scoping out the candidates for Trustee, we discussed whether kids even should be thinking about this “grown-up” stuff, and why it might or might not be a good idea to participate.

And we did some cool exploring and reasoning and explaining about our representing in mathematics.  The task:  create (at least) six models that showed “half”.   Very interesting for me to see what they see as half and what they are not intuitively seeing as half.  Gives us some places to go (including one quarter and five-eighths), which is good!


Also, we ate pickles.

I’ll leave it to your children to explain why we ate pickles.  Suffice it to say, it had everything to do with this lovely book, which we are almost finished.   It will be available for borrowing for students who wish to read it on their own or bring it home for family reading.


2 thoughts on “Votes, fractions, pickles and other stuff

  1. Ava has been really into this election process. Lots to tell me about every day when she comes home. I think it’s really awesome to get them engaged at such an early age. Thank you!

    • Glad to hear it! I think this Student Vote organization is amaing!

      We did have a dissenting opinion–voiced in a very appropriately-toned question by one of the students.
      She wondered whether kids would be better off concentrating on “kids” stuff and not having to worry about grown-up concerns. It sparked a very interesting conversation–about voting age, about growing up. All very cool.

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