Ask your kid about the following:

Instant Parliament

Ask about our instant elections over the last two weeks, in which students have been transformed into Members of Parliament (Federal and Provincial) and been presented with bills.  Currently, there is a bill before the House about re-organizing the school year to span 12 months instead of 10.  Members of the Government will be arguing for the bill next week, Members of the Official Opposition will be, well, opposing the Bill, and MPs from the smaller parties…we’ll see how they decide to vote!  I have a feeling their decision will seal the fate of the bill as law or not.

Government Homework

As the Ontario Election launches, we will be participating fully through Student Vote.  Each student has brought home a sheet that asks them to find the names of various individuals in our different levels of government, as well as the candidates.  (Of whom I hope to have a couple visit if they can find the time).  Please have this sheet back by Friday, as complete as possible.

Gary Rasberry and Songs of Protest

Today we had a visit from Gary Rasberry, who is performing in the Open Voices concert in June.  As we began to explore the question, “How can we use our voices for change?”, Gary kindly agreed to come by and help us delve into how music has been used to express political and social statements.  He played “What if Kids Could Vote?” which he wrote a couple of years ago while working with my class and which the kids have been learning with Ms. Roebuck.  He also taught two older classics, “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” and “Blowin’ in the Wind.”


And, in a different light…


We’ve been experimenting with meditation and mindfulness for several months now.  Having begun with “Andy” at Headspace, we’ve moved on to just having music.  As per several students’ request, here is a sample of mindful music we’ve been using to have some stillness each day:


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