Public Speaking Activities this Spring

You may have received the following via your child today.  Because “Public” speaking is often considered stressful for people of all ages, I really try to give a bunch of pretty low-key or informal opportunities to loosen kids up to the idea of expressing themselves in front of other humans.  When I was a kid (you too?) it was straight to “Speeches”, gasp!   Awesome, but hardly something most of us need to do.  So, we’ll work away at these, hopefully have some fun.  Let me know if we aren’t.

Click on this image to read it more clearly.

For “e” is a Jolly Good Fellow!

Hello folks at Home.  I must begin another rare post with an apology for their being so rare.  I have so many things to share but my life outside school has been complicated the last several months and made blogging tough to fit in.  Case in point, my intention this week was to a big update on a number of activities, but alas, other things…I’ll try and put more together over the weekend.

must however, share the fruit of a lot of recent labour:  our new film, “For <e> is a Jolly Good Fellow!”  Utterly inspired by and largely borrowed from my amazing teacher-friend Mary Beth Steven in Wisconsin (you can see her version and so much else at her blog) I have been wanting to try a film for some time.  This year, I was determined to have a go.   You may have seen the script.  Wow!  I admire Mary Beth even more–this took a lot of time!    We had a lot of fun, and they worked so hard!   In some ways it’s is a goofy thing to do a film about.  Really, bless their hearts for being willing to buy into this!

This afternoon was our great Premiere, the first time the students had seen it complete.  It was funny for them to see themselves and see past the rough edges to all that shines.  But, parents, you will see what shines!  And there is much evidence in it of how we have come to better understand words.  I am looking forward to sharing it with other classes at school.  And I am inspired to write one from scratch.  (Next year).



And, while I haven’t been communicating much in this space, I have been cooking up lots of goings-on in the next term.  Stay tuned–very excited about projects to come.