Remembrance Day

Hello folks at home.  Our class ran the school’s Remembrance Assembly yesterday, after working to prepare for the past week.  I confess I was a bit stressed about it–having assumed the mantle after years of Ms. Greavett’s assemblies, a week of daunting technical issues left me unsure it was going to come together.  (Thanks, Ms. Byers for helping sort through those).

But the pieces–and most importantly, the students–came together.  For the majority of you who were unable to attend, you would have been proud.  Our “hosts” read their pieces with poise and clarity.  Our tribute readers presented their pieces equally well, over stirring music and images.   Our tech crew bang on with their cues.  I thought our “In Flanders Fields” was stirring–captured the feeling and meaning of the words in a way I sometimes feel gets lost.  (It turns out, we can memorize verse, and boy does it make a difference!)  Our wreath, and ushers and Mrs. Hennesey’s class song of peace, all lovely.  The words “Rouse” and “MacPherson” were pronounced correctly (because those who had found them stumbly took the time to nail them).  I think the class felt quite rightly proud of what they’d done.  I hope today has more meaning and resonance for them as a result.