More Math…or is it?

I forgot in the last post to share the math we did yesterday!  We are going to see Fatty Legs on Wednesday.  The problem:  there are four classes that all need to get to the Grand Theatre for the same time, all taking Kingston Transit.  But each bus can only handle one class.  So how are we going to get everyone there on time?  The latest we can be going into The Grand is 10:15.

That was just about all I told the kids.  Oh, and no transfers–I hate doing transfers!  They therefore had to generate the questions and the solutions.  (Zoe was astute about recognizing that Google Maps’ walking estimate didn’t account for the pace of a group of 25).

Here’s what they looked like working away at this:

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Don’t they look happy?  And here’s what they came up with, more solutions than we even needed! this math?  

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