Inquiry Project Presentations

Hello folks!  On Wednesday, we spent time together deciding how we wanted to organize the presentations of the projects.  Everyone signed up for one day over the next two weeks, with no more than three presentations per day (so we can give them the attention they deserve).   Below is the schedule as it stands.

As I said before, the “presentation” is not meant to be a big deal.

Not a speech (necessarily).  But the capacity to:

  • stand up and share what they have;
  • maybe answer some questions to show that they are an “expert” on their topic (compared to the rest of us) and to show that they have learned;
  • talk about their learning experience.

On Friday, June 9th, we will end the day with a Project Fair.  You are welcome to come between 2:00 and 3:00 to see what the children have been studying and ask them questions.

Pow Wow

I did a pretty poor job of documenting everything at the Pow Wow today, but it was a wonderful event.  Chi-miigwech to the organizers who brought in so many welcoming engaging presenters, teachers, storytellers.  Somehow I managed to not get any pictures of folks in regalia, but I’ll add these if I get some from other teachers.  As you will see, hoop dancing is my favourite.

As usual, our students dove in with respectful enthusiasm, participating in everything from the sacred fire to dancing to puppet shows to drumming.   They’ll have to fill in the pictures with words when you ask them.  A great day.  AND IT DIDN’T RAIN!!

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Here’s the note I got from the Wintergreen folks today:

Thank you all for joining us today – what a true pleasure. Your students were all so well behaved and enthusiastic about the land. It was refreshing to see and made us feel as though this program was making an impact.  

This in spite of the fact that I left behind a bag of vomit from the bus trip up.   So the kids must have really impressed them!

Inquiry Projects Check-in

Hello folks at home.

Four-day weekend for your kids and I know that you and they are thinking at least some about these Inquiry Projects.  I thought I’d better have a little check-in.

This project is a bit of an experiment for me, to see what the students would/could do with it.  Generally-speaking I’ve been really impressed with their focus and their use of time in class.  One of the basic skills I was hoping to really introduce was that of taking notes and organizing these notes, and I think the journals have worked pretty effectively for this.  But I understand that research–especially Internet research–can seem overwhelming.  Which website is worth checking out?  What information is important or reliable?  Much of this relies on critical thinking skills that are pretty sophisticated, and we’re only in Grade 5!  Let’s not be overly stressed (while still trying to do our best)!

So:  what are we expecting to produce?

  • Some amount of coherent, organized writing.  For most students this should add up to at least a page or two of writing, organised into sub-topics or sections.
    • The writing may be arranged in “report” format, or in captions connected to images.  Several students are preparing theirs as a speech–they should be prepared to submit this in writing.
  • Some sort of visual presentation.  Check the report journal for options.  Here is the post with that description.
  • An oral presentation.  Not a speech (necessarily).  But the capacity to:
    • stand up and share what they have;
    • maybe answer some questions to show that they are an “expert” on their topic (compared to the rest of us) and to show that they have learned;
    • talk about their learning experience.

do not expect that kids are spending their whole weekend on this project.  But many would probably benefit from spending a bit of time and checking in with you and also beginning to prepare their presentation.  Ideally their research is done, or will be done when they return to school next week.  But of course different kids are and will work at a slightly different pace.  We only have two days in class next week, and we will give as much of these days to project work as is likely to be productive.

The original timeline indicated that we would have project sharing in the week of May 29th to June 2nd.  I’d very much like to begin those that week but understand that it may be better to spread these out and that we may need the following week also.

Google Classroom

All students who have access to Internet should be able to access both Google Classroom and their Google Docs.  This is a powerful tool that I am still learning about. I have posted a new “assignment” which is basically a frame some students are using and others may choose to use to organize their research notes into sentences and paragraphs.  By taking the notes they’ve made in their journals (or in a Google Doc–some have done that) and writing them in this framework, they may be better able to see how much they have for each subtopic.  This may help them focus on a subtopic they need more information for.  They can edit and finalize their writing in this document and then copy and paste it into a Powerpoint, into Bookcreator or Explain Anything or to format and print off for a display or whatever.  Again, we will have time in class to work on these next week, but probably students are going to want to work at home also.

Hope this helps!  Check in next week if need be.

Brain Awareness Day: Updated

Update:  Following the slide show are journal reflections from students about our day.

I’d be amazed if any of the students answered “Nothing” to the question “What did you do at school today?” on this particular Thursday!  Looking back on our amazing time at Queen’s Brain Awareness Day I felt so fortunate–again–to be living here and having the access we do at Centennial to all the resources of Kingston.

Three different groups each experienced six different neuroscience labs or brain-related activities.  I’ll let your kids tell you about what happened–I expect they already have.  I can’t imagine having done this stuff when I was 10!

Thanks to the parents who were able to come today.  And congratulations to Presley and Abbu who were among the students who put a lot of time into their Brain posters and who were rewarded with prizes for their efforts.

Here is a slideshow, with more pictures to follow so check back if you don’t see any of your young scientist:

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Brain Awareness Day

Group Journal!


On Thursday May 11th 2017 my class and me went to Queen’s University for brain day!  We have been having Brain Reach in our class. It’s basically a class but the people from Queens (Olivia,Megan,Madison).We went all over the Neuroscience labs. Our class split into three groups, I was in the third group. Our leader was named Robyn. Our group name was Red Nucleus.There was a lab I really liked it was called pig brain dissection and that’s what we did there, we dissected a pig’s brain. The other labs we went to was sweet neurons and that was building a neuron out of candy and donuts.We also got lunch, PIZZA (I like pizza if you couldn’t tell) We also got juice cans.But my absolute favourite part was the(I think) Thomas lab.  There we got to see solutions (sorta like a science potion) that the scientists put on the brain and it made the brain swell. It was awesome.

Then the winners of the posters were announced and two people from our class got awards Presley and Abbu.

Then we went home on the bus and when we turned onto Norman Rogers DR I realized that I forgot my sweater.(I was quite upset that I forgot it) but MR.Caldwell e-mailed the people and it’s all good.

The end.

Jayce Boshart

On may 11 2017 we and ms gervets class went to queens for brain awareness day. The first thing we did was make candy nucleus and the candies were powed donuts licerish and rainbow likrsh gummy worms sour strips gummies big gummy worms. to then the second thing we did was make pipe cleaners nucleus and hok them up to each other’s and we got to ceap them. I put mine on my name tag and went outside to play and ate rice crispys outside in the park and went back in for the one was poking one and seeing a rat brain and spinal cord but the award in my class 2 people won Presley abbu won I can’t remember the rest of it .
The end Nate carlson
On Thursday, May 11th, our class went to Queens’ Brain Awareness Day.
Our class went with Mrs. Greavett’s class. We took a bus, and when we got there we were split into 3 groups. In the main building that we first went into we saw all of our posters on display, plus lots of ones we hadn’t seen before from other schools. I was in group 2. The people in the group were: Graeme, Ethan, Carlos, Abbu, Olivia, Sean, Peyton, and me. The first lab we went to was a lab with people that studied movement. Our group split in half, I stayed in the room we started in and the other half went to a different room with a robot. The two men in the room had a target on the wall. We had to throw a ball and try to hit it. Then, we tried it wearing these weird goggles that bend your vision to the left, to it was really hard to hit the target. The other pair of goggles made everything upside down. If you looked up, you would see the floor. That made it much harder.The halves of the group switched and my half went to see some kind of robot. We walked into a small room with two men in it. There was a robotic arm with a handle in the middle of the room. First the men told us to move the arm around. In a mirror you could see a green dot that moved with the handle. Then, they simulated an object that you could push the handle against, but couldn’t move past. It felt like a real object.Next we went to a kind of gross lab with real brains. They were pig brains. We got some pins and a knife. It was interesting but gross to look at. We could see all of the lobes and it looked really cool, we even saw the inside. We (luckily) wore a lab coat and gloves. After that we went to another small area with three women. We did two activities, one they called “The Executive Function Challenge” where the one lady had two table tennis paddles. One of the sides was red, the other blue. If she she raised it and the side was red, you would have to raise the hand on that side. If it was blue, then you had to raise the opposite hand. Abbu won the game.The next game was a game where you and your partner (the person sitting across from you) robbed a bank. The police were going to arrest you. Both partners have two cards. One card is red, the other black. If you put the red one down, you tell on the friend. If you put down the black one, you don’t. If you both cooperate, then you each get 6 months in prison. If you both tell, you both get 2 years. If one tells and the other doesn’t, the person that didn’t tell would get 5 years. The person with the least amount of years was the winner.

These were some of my favourite labs, and overall the day was really fun and cool.


We Went on a field trip on a bus we were going to queens for brain Awareness day!My favourite things are these things.


Candy neurons

By Ethan

On may 11 2017 me and my class also a few other classes went to queen’s university for brain awareness day.There was other schools there to,every body there split up into groups and every group had a queen’s person and ares was named carin or something i forget.Every group went to different stations are first station was a robot that we could play with so there was a screen and three dots the green one was the robot you would move the handle and the dot would move the could do different settings,for example there was an object one were you couldn’t go inside the object and you had to stay outside the object.The other part of this station was goggles so there was these goggles and they were upside down and we had to throw a ball at a target it was really fun and funny.That station was called movement matters.

    The next station was dissecting a pig brain it was pretty gros but it was cool it was really sloppy and gros and it felt like jello.It was a little bloody but not bad you could see the vains  and some of the parts of the brain.We had wear a coat and gloves.That station was called pig brain.

     We had a break for 10 minutes had rice crispy squares to an then we had lunch inside we had pizza chips and a drink.My group was Abbu,Sean,Graeme,Olivia,Carlos,Ryan and peyton that is my group.for the rest of the day we went to three other stations one of the was my favorit we made candy neurons that was my favourite by far. That was my day at queens university for brain awareness day.

On May 11 we went on a brain field trip to Queens university. We went to lots of labs. For example the pig brain lab, the frontal lobe lab. My favourite lab is the frontal lobe lab, because we played 2  games.

The game I liked the best was this game where you pretended you robbed a bank with your friend  but the police caught you and they put you in jail.   They want you to tell on the other person. The goal of the game is to get the least amount of years in prison.

When you play the game you start with a red card and black card. There would be 2 players and if a player placed down a black card and the other person placed a red card, the person who placed  the black card would get 5 years in jail.   Iif you both place the black card you get 6 months in prison but if you both place the red card you both get 2 years in prison. The red card is the telling card, and the black card is the card where you don´t tell.

Me and Ryan were partners and he would always place the red card because if the other person placed the black card they would get 5 years. But if they placed the red card you would both get 2 years in prison and Ryan won the game because he got the least amount of years in prison.

Now I call him “Ryan the tattletale¨

By Graeme

On thursday we went to queen’s university for brain Awareness Day there was 5 or 6 schools  there we got split up into groups group 1 was khaled Edan Trinity Wed Akira Eh,Klu Stara group 2 was Abbu Sean Graeme Olivia Ethan Carlos Ryan Peyton group 3 was Jayce Jadis Haadi Seohyeon Presley Kyle Addison.

So we got we went to queen’s my group went to Movement matters we put these cool glass on one made everything go upside down and they other glass made everything go sideways and then we went to these robot that controls your movement it was so cool.

Then we went to the Dissecting pig brains it was so gross it was flat and soft but it was cool.Then we went to a hill by the building that we Just came out of to have a rice Crispy squares then we went to lunch for like 30 Minutes we had Pizza chips and drinks and.

Then we went to candy neurons we learned a little bit about the neuron, then we got to eat our candy neurons.            By Peyton

Brain awareness day

On May 11th 2017 we took a bus to queens  for brain awareness day.when we got there we had a little talk before went places after the talk we got split up into groups.the people That  we had in the  group was Khaled,akira Edan,Ehk’lu and me. Our  group leader was Olivia she was the best  leader ever!!!!! The first lab that we went to was the pig brain one was my Favourite out of all of them.what we did there was we put on gloves and lab coats to protect us for pig Disease.we  dissected pig brains and it was so COOL when I was cutting the pig brain  Ehk’lu kept saying ewww then when I looked over a Edan he was poking at it the whole time it was really trinity

Brain awareness day

We went with my mom and had Olivia as are group leader first. We dissected pig brains and we got to touch them. Then we played tag outside. then we had lunch. 1 hour later we went to brain tricks thing I don’t remember the rest. then we went to colour tricks. then we went to the robotic lab .Then the awards were presented. We won medals. Then we went home.
the end of what I remembered .Edan  chase.
Brain Awareness Day at Queens by Presley

Yesterday, Thursday the 11th Ms.Greavett’s class and my class went to the Brain Awareness day annual event. Once we got there we got name tags, but it said your name and group mine was the red nucleus. In my group there were 8 people: Seohyeon, Jadis, Nate, Kyle, Haadi, Jayce, Addison and I.

We went to 6 different labs with are volunteer. The first lab we went to was the candy lab were we made neurons out of candy. Once finished our neurons we played a game were we divided up in two groups in two lines each different line passed balls one line said minus a number and another line said plus a number, my group was the plus number we were trying to get the number to 55 from 77 because it was back wards plus goes down minus goes up but the other team won.

The second lab was making a neuron with pipe cleaners very similar to what we did right before that but we were also seeing what the girl did. We saw how she was making a mix to keep a brain cell alive.

Then we had snack right outside my mom’s building so she came out to see me.

The third lab my group went to was the pig brain lab we got to see and touch a pig brain. I did not touch it or do anything with it because it was really, really, really gross!

The fourth lab we went to was the touch lab were we got pBoked by these plastic stick things. The people there made us close our eyes as they poked us. Then they asked us what poke felt the least and the most. Then they made us all close our eyes at the same time and they poked us and we had to say if wed got poked or not.

Then we had lunch in the main area.

The fifth lab we went to was painting and seeing lab. We got to paint brains and play games like the memory game my group got 15 matches then we went to the game were you read the word but it is a diiferent colour like it would say green but the colour yellow, she counted how much seconds it took for my group to say those words. Next we went to the the matching game were you each have a card and there is a pile of cards and you have to match something thats on your card and middle card. Once we finished all the games they tallied up the score since we were getting scored on each game, my team won.

The sixth lab was the noticing lab were we watched videos with lots of changes but something else is going to see if we noticed any changes.

Then at 2:00 they called the winners of the posters that we made I got first place in my category which was most original topic my topic was “your brain on music” I got a 25.00 dollar chapters card, candy and more! Abbu came second in her category which was best design she got a 15.00 dollar chapters card and what I got. It was really fun!

On may 11 2017 we went to queens university.We went there for brain awareness day.Brain awareness day is were we get into groups and go to different places, and do different cool things .Our leader was Olivia, she was really nice and showed us were to go and what to do.In our group we had Trinity,Sitara,Khaled,Akira,Edan,and Me. We were the Hypothalamus group.we went to different stations.first we went to look at pig brains.We talked about different stuff like some animal brains, the grey matter and the white matter.then we got to see pig brains we were dissecting it and it was so disgusting. Trinity thought that it was cool because she likes disgusting things.Oh and we wore gloves and a lab coat Olivia said that we looked like little scientist. And we of course had to take a picture so we did and that’s what we did for the first station.then we went to the second station we played two games, the first game was hard, and its hard to discribe there were two ping pong paddles one side was red and the other side was blue.when she held the blue Side we rose the opposite hand,red on the left same hand.Blue one the right is opposite and red on the right is the was hard,Akira won that round and got a medal. The other game was a card game.We had a partner my partner was Trinity.We had two cards one red and one black,we pretended were going to jail.Red meant tell on partner and black meant not to tell.It is really hard to discribe and I forgot some parts so I can’t really say much.After I think we had snack after.Then we went to this colour place we saw pictures and played games first one was we had to put colour sheets in order then the other game was that there was colours then it disappeared and then we had to guess what colour was first I think.Then we saw this movie looking place we watched some videos I wish I can tell you what we watched but I’m rushing to finish.Then we had a little snack we ate rice crispier.Then we had a little Time to play tag so we went to the park it was really fun.then we went inside and ate food there were pizza,soda,and chips.Me,Trinity,Graeme,Ryan,Peyton,Ethan,And Carlos sat and ate food and talked about what we did and said funny things.Oh and we also went to this brain waves were we saw our brain wave.first was to me consertrated,then we had to relax.Then we went to this robot place and we got to move this cool object, it was fun and we had to put goggles on and one looked for to the left so when we threw it,it threw to the left we had to throw to the right to go for the target.then another one was upside down we had to look up to see the target.It was really hard getting a ball cause we had to look up.then it was the end.And we got to here who won two people from my class won,Presley,and Abbu.then we got to take our posters home.It was the end of the day. It was really fun going on the trip,in fact it was the BEST TRIP this year.Thankyou Brain leaders and queens university.

By:Eh k’ Lu


We went to queen on may,11,2017 ““““““““““““““““““““““`

I went to the robot first, I moved this spinny thing.  Then I had to put on these green goggles.  We couldn’t see each other.  We bumped into each other.   We could only see left.  Then there were these down ones.  We couldn’t see the target.  We had to hit the ball at the target.  Then we still bumped.

my second favorite activity was where you put a head band with earmuffs and then theres this ball thin on the tv and we had to think about it really hard for it to explode and then we went to the coloring thing it was where we make thing colorful weel and it was a challenge and we had to memorize the colors in your head.

My third favorite stage was when we touched d pig brains and what happend with the pig brains was i was getting grossed out and i felt like i was going to die. And then i did not toched ever again. I cut the pigs brain and then i cut all the sides off and then i saw the blood and it was gross. Then we had to take the gloves off and the lab coats.

And the very last thing that was my favorite was the card game my partner was edan and we had a red card and a black card.   


My day was so good.   We went to Queens University We Went to see a Robot and wear goggles that was upside down and  some  that were wobbly . We had to throw the  ball  to the Target .  Then we went to  see pig brains.   Me and Ethan cut  the pig  brain up  and  we did wear lab coats. Then we cleaned are hands.  So then we went outside to eat rice krispies. Then we went to  the movement laboratory.  We played the game with pink paddles. Red meant  put the hand that it is facing Blue meant the opposite.  Then we went to see and play another game with cards. You had a partner on the other side.   Black card meant you’re not going to tell on your friend Red meant you are going to tell on your friend.   Me and  Ryan wer in the finals.  I’m happy he came in first place but everyone got a  metal  which  said  brain explorer.  So then we left back  to home  base. We had pizza and chips and drinks. Then we went to make a neuron  out of Candy.   We played the game with balls and see who wins – or Plus  my group. -1 first round Plus one second round you were supposed to get to 70.
Then last trip back to home base.  We went to see who’s poster would win.  Presley and Abbu won for  Centennial.  So then we took the bus back  to school.

Yesterday may 11th we went to Queens university for brain reach groups  we were separate

to different places our first thing to do was to make candy neurons i made it out of circle liquorice  and jelly black and red berries and sour rainbows and a gummy snake around that there was sour rainbow and at the end was sliced and normal gummy worms next

Our next stage was making neurons out of different colored pipe cleaners and little cubes and after that we made neuron chain road thing of all of our neurons the length was three to four feet and it looked weird because there were such different colors so it looked like a meast up rainbow.

Then we had lunch which was pizza and fruit topa and chips and more pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And we got to see our friends and play some

On Thursday  may 11th 2017 mr. Caldwells class, ms. Byers class, and ms. Greavetts class went on a trip to brain awareness day. The first thing that we did was getting on the bus. Then when we all got off the bus and  everyone got in groups. There was group 1, 2, and 3 for every class. And we were not all in the same group my group was number 3 and in my group was Addison, jayce, Kyle, seohyeon, Presley, and haadi. We also got are own name tags.
My favorite  was making sweet neurons. So what it was is there was a lot of candy and the different types of candy was a gummy Black and red berries, sour rainbow strips, circle, licorice, normal gummy worms, sour gummy worms, tiny white powder donuts, long gummy snake,  and then after we made all our stuff we gotta eat it and we moved on to all our other stations.
By: jadis
Brain Awareness Day

By Olivia

Yesterday on Thursday May 11, 2017 my class went to Brain Awareness Day at Queen’s university. Ms. Greavett’s class went with us. We rode the bus to Queen’s. When we got there we split up into groups. We got name tags with our name and group. My group was cerebellum. Caroline was our volunteer.

At the first lab there were paper targets on the wall Our group split up again. Half of us stayed in the place with the targets and the other half went to a different room. I stayed in the first room. We had to throw balls at the targets. It was really easy but then we put on goggles that messed up our vision. Some of the goggles turned our vision upside-down. Then we had to throw the balls at the targets again but it was really hard because of the goggles. When we took the goggles off it was still hard to hit the targets. The people there said that it was because our brain had started to adjust to the goggles. Then we went to the other room and the other half of the group went to the target room.

In the other room there was a robot arm with a handle that you can move around. Over the robot arm there was a screen. The people there had programed it so they could do things like make it harder to move, make it feel like there was a solid object there and make it feel like it was attached to a spring.

Next we went to a lab where we got to look at and even touch (with gloves) a pig brain but I didn’t because it was gross.

Then we ate rice crispy squares.

The third lab my group went to was the frontal lobe lab. We got to do two things there. The first thing we got to do is a game where the person there had two ping-pong type paddles. They both had a blue side and a red side. If the paddle was red, we had to raise the hand on the side of the paddle but if it was blue we had to raise the opposite hand. The second thing we got to do was a game where you had a partner and you pretended that you and your partner had been caught robbing a bank and you were going to jail for it. You had to decide whether or not to tell on your partner. Each person had a red card and a black card. A red card meant you told on your partner and a black card meant you didn’t. If one person played a red card and the other person played a black card then the black card person goes to jail for five years and the red card person gets off free. If you both play black cards you get 6 months each. If you both play red cards you get two years each. The person with the least years in jail wins.
Then we had lunch. We ate pizza and chips and we drank juice.
In the fourth lab we learned about concussions. We did an activity where we blew up balloons that represented brains. There were circles on the balloons that represented lobes. We wrote the functions of each lobe in the circle that represented that lobe.

In the fifth lab we learned about calories. We got a timbit each and there was also fruit and vegetable. We had a chart that told us how many calories each thing had. There was also a chart that told us how many calories you burn by doing different exercises. We had to figure out what exercises we could do to burn the calories from the things we ate.
The last place we went was a place where we learned about neurons and we got to make giant neurons with candy.

We Went on a field trip on a bus we were going to queens for brain Awareness day!

My favourite things are these things.

Candy neurons


By Khaled                                          Queens Field Trip

   Yesterday we went to Queens.It was a cool day.we did     a lots of things all of them was nice.But one of them was Weird.We had to cut a pig brain.That was very weird. After we went to another place.We played a games for winning a medals.First we played a colors game.Their was three women.when the women that have the ping pong racket raise the red side of the ping pong racket we raise the meair hand when she raise the blue side of the ping pong racket we raise the opposed hand who get leaser mistakes gets a medal.Akira win so he get a medal.we played another game it was a nice game. There was six people have a bank there bank get stole they cool the police the police pot each one of them in a room.then we start playing we sit In front of each other each one have two card a red card or a black card red card mean that I tell at my partner a black card means that you don,t tell at your partner.l win the game so i take a medal and because we did a good work they gave everyone a medal  so I get two medal and Akira get two meadle. Then we went to outside and played tag on the grace.Then we get back to the Building and eat are lunch when we get done we went and whatch three small Videos first one was about two caes crash together we need to guess what was the fast that when they crash is.The Second video was the 16 basket ball pases.And the last oneis the 21 changes.After we went to other Building we did wear something like a had pone you have to think fast.But in the ball moving you need to relix after we went and played another color games then we went and weared a gogeles show us upside down and throw a bolls we have to hit the black point then we went and see the robot.

By kyle makinen

We went to Queens for the Brain Field trip. It was fun; and got free food and Drinks.

We got to look at pig brains i dont like that ; And we went on the bus.

And i got to make cells out of candy.

After i was on my bmx ; With my brother.  my BMX bike is gold and his is Blue. o ya And I have to wear a helmet.

And then I ate supper and went to bed; But I was sick because of all the food ; the end

Brain awareness day by Abbu

On Thursday may 11th we went to Oueens University for our brain field trip. Two other classes were there. We went on a school bus. When we got there few guides were waiting for us at the front. After we all got off the bus we split into different groups. The group that I was in was called cerebellum and our guides name was Caroline. She was very nice! When all of us found our own group we went to the next door building. Inside a room 3 people were waiting for us. We had 8 people in our group so we split into half. Half went to the see the robot while the rest of us stayed in the room for an awesome activity. There were two targets on the wall with a whole bunch of ball. What we had to do was hit the ball on the target wearing these weird goggles. One goggle would show upside down or opposite and the other goggle would show shift. The opposite one was harder. We took turn throwing the ball and we also tried to throw the ball without the goggle, but it took time because our brain would take some time to get back to normal. Few minutes later we switched. We got to see different robots and we even got to try one. There was a handle that we had to hold. Different things would appear on the screen and we would use the handle to move around. This helped us see what the mind would do in different situations or how much force we use depending on the thing. We said thank you and went to our second activity. Our second activity was the pig brain. The pig brain activity was when we touched, saw, and learned about pig brains. The pig brain was very soft and squishy. It was smaller than I expected. We did some observations and we were done with the pig brains. We took a little break outside for some rice crispy. After our 10 minute break we went to the frontal lobe people. In there we did two activities. The first activity was that there were two ping pong racquets. Blue on one side and red on the other. The girl that was holding the racquets would show different colour on different side and depending on the side and colour we would raise the mirrored hand. Each of us faced each other and the top two would face each other again The second activity was we had two playing cards one red and one black. What happened was apparently we had partners and we both “robbed” the bank so we could either tell on each other or not. Red means tell and black means not tell. People kept on telling on each other because that means they are free and the other person gets five years of jail. After that activity we had lunch. For lunch we had pizza and some juice with chips. After lunch we headed to the concussion area. It was almost like a classroom a person was waiting for us like a teacher. It felt like I was in a classroom. Once we were there we had to blow up a balloon and the balloon was our brain. We learned about concussion and what you should do when you have concussion. We were a bit early so we talked about having concussion. We did much more stuff but my teacher won’t let me write anymore so to be continued.

When I woke up on Thursday 5/11/2017 the first thing I thought of was the field trip and how awesome it would be. I went down to eat my breakfast and I said good morning to my mom and dad. Then I got cereal and gobbled it down like there is no tomorrow. Then I finished my breakfast and then I got ready for school and then I played video games and I got the world top score in one of the games! Then I walked to school and air was nice and it was beautiful.

 When I got to school I was chatting with my friends. Then we went inside the school some people put their bags on their hooks but I just went inside the classroom. Then Mr. Caldwell told us what to do and then we lined up to go to the bus. When we walked down chatting to each other the hall the number on the new water fountain said 666 on it then we got on the bus and I noticed that Mrs. Greavett’s class was also on the bus. As we drove I looked out the window and watched the buildings that we passed on the way to Queens. When we got off the bus we said “thank you” to the bus driver and then we split up into groups and then we went into Queens.

After we got into Queens we waited for all the schools to arrive. After all the schools arrived they sent us off in our groups. My group was me, Khaled Edan, Trinity, Sitara, and Ehk’lu, were in my group. First we went to a lab where we dissected pig brains and it looked like an egg and smelled like mayonais and we cut it in half we got to ware lab coats and lab gloves.

Then we played two games on game they have ping-pong rackets and if they show red you have to mirror it and if they show blue you have to put your other hand up who ever makes the least mistakes wins. The second game you have a red card and a black card and you all stole a bank you split up into 2 groups if you tell on your partner you go free but if you are told on you go to jail who ever goes to jail the least wins. And I won two medals.

Then we did brain waves. first you hook up to a device then you try to think of as much as you can then you blow up a barrel. I got the fastest record of 13.75 seconds and the best you can get is 13.00 seconds. The second one is were you meditate and the ball float and you try to get it high in the air and try to keep it there as long as you can.

Then we played a colour game. Colours appear for a second then they disappear then you have to remember were the colours were and I got the highest 1st try score the second game was were you make a colour wheel and you try to get it right me and Trinity did better than anybody else.

Then we went to movement matters were we put on goggles that distorted our vision and we would throw balls at the target. we also got to see a robots and we got to play a game and fight with the robot.

Sorry I can’t finish this I ran out of time.

By Akira


                                              AWARENESS BRAIN DAY
                                                                                               By SeoHyeon
On thursday May 11th  we went to Queens University for brain poster awareness I was so excited.  when we get there we separate to 3 group. Our group name was red nucleus and volunteer was nice and we got in there was our posters and look little bit and we sat down and some guy told us about today and walked to next.First activity was making neuron  in the library with candies it smell was so good   it kind of  weird to make neuron with candies because it feel weird but it was sweet and fun andSecond activity was making neuron with pipecleaner and some bezie and the activity room was cool because some cool stuff was there and l knew now people  cut brains and look them and
We got time to eat snack and play  in the some park  we ate Rice Crispy and we ran and
third activity was looking pig brain first we wear lab coat and gloves and we listen to someone and they showed us the pig brain it was so gross because I didn´t  think that I thought like some brain but it was little cool so I just touch and look that it was gross and cool and interesting because it was my first time to see brain like that andFourth activity pain when we get there we separate 2 group and our group saw mouse  brain with microscope it was cool and we change and we did some pain I saw it needle so I was scared but it wasen´t  it was some plastic stick they has many like very thin and get thick and close our eye and we gas what is lightest and heaviest and we ate pizza and juice in main area
And fifth activity was painting small brain and do some fun games And six activity was watching some cool video like the focus video thing.
And abbu and presley and someone won the awareness  and they got gift card
(I want to write more but my teacher not let me)


Learning together, teaching together

What to do when we only have one copy of a really good textbook on New France?  I could make 25 copies of the thing, but that’s a lot of paper.  I’ve done that on occasion in the past, but we now have other options!  I was able to colour scan the document into a PDF and then, using Google Classroom, make it accessible to all students to read on iPads and Chromebooks.

But the exciting part for me was how the students responded to the task I set them–an experiment, really.  In groups, they were to read one chapter.  Their responsibility as a group was to ensure that everyone in the group had careful notes made about that chapter so that they were all “experts” on that subtopic:  Food, Clothing, Entertainment, Work, etc.  Wow, they worked with such focus!  Part of the point of this was that learning about New France is in our curriculum; the wider point was an exercise in note-taking, as this is so key to our Inquiry Projects.

The next day–and this was the part I was least sure about–we made new groups, comprised of one expert on each subtopic, and they were to teach each other what they’d learned.  By the end, if everyone worked together, they would all have notes on each topic.  Again, I was dazzled by the uniformly-focussed attention to this task.  It is a reminder to me–again!–that the best learning seems to happen when I can create a framework for the students to learn themselves and as much as possible I get out of the way.  I do think it also speaks to the maturity of this group.

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Inquiry Project Check-in

The students seem pretty engaged with these projects, and I think most are rolling comfortably with their topics.  As above, I have been impressed with the apparent focus during the periods we’ve had.  But there is a real risk that one can spend a lot of time reading things and not actually produce anything!  This is why their journals include pages for note-taking (and I insist that they always have these next to them if they are reading anything) as well as the reflection sheets that ask them to consider “What is my plan for next time?”  I will bring their project journals home with me Monday and Tuesday evening to check in.  My goal is to ensure that everybody is progressing so that our tight timeline will work for all.  Please get in touch if you have questions or you feel that your child is worried, confused, stressed or needing more support!

The May Roadshow

Hello folks at home,

Even by my standards, May is shaping up to have a lot of field trips.  It has just worked out that way.  Anyway, I wanted to give you a heads up about them so you can plan.

  • May 11th  is our Brain Awareness Day trip to Queen’s.  It is all day, and there is a $3.00 cost to cover busing.  The permission form went home today.
  • May 18th we will walk over to the Calvin Park Library to meet with librarians about how to access their book and electronic resources for research.  This is meant to support our current inquiry projects but it is a bit later than I would have liked due to other programming they had on.  Still, I think it will be useful.  No cost.
  • May 25th we will be going to Wintergreen Environmental Centre up near Westport for their second annual Bio Blitz. All day.  We’ll be learning about edible wilds and also about alternative energy and building technologies, supporting our current studies and getting outside!  They have a grant to cover part of the bus costs but not all, so this will be a couple of dollars also.
  • May 26th (yes, that’s the next day) we have been invited to attend the Katarokwi Community Powwow at R.M.C.  We will take the Kingston Transit so there will be no cost.
  • And somewhere in here there is a possibility of a trip to the Kingston Recycling Centre.  Carlos is looking at recycling for his inquiry project and though I know several students have already been it seems worth us all going along if Carlos can organize it.  It also fits nicely with our look at energy so I think we could have lots of good critical questions.  Thanks again to Kingston Transit, there will be no cost to students.  I’ll keep you posted.
  • Finally, you should be aware that on May 9th I will be away with the basketball teams all day.  On this day, the remaining students from our class and Ms. Rochefort’s Grade 6 class will be placed in other classrooms around the school.  If you have any questions about this, let me know.

Permission forms will follow as details are sorted.  Certainly we’ll need extra adults for all of these–thanks in advance.  Though I do love accessing the many community resources available to us–and this year we kind of hit the jackpot!–I do try to ensure these trips are relevant and valuable and that the cost is limited.  I hope you agree that we’ve managed this.

Finally finally, congratulations to our Road Race participants, who returned muddy and happy from LCVI today!  We enjoyed cheering for them all out front of the school before heading out for some long jump and tripe jump practice.

Jeepers, what are we going to do in JUNE?

Student Post: Star Wars Races at Disney by Presley


At Disney World, my mom, sister and I went to the Star Wars races! My sister and I ran the 5k and 10k, and my mom ran the 5k, 10k and half marathon (which is all the races). The 5k was on April 21st, and we ran in Epcot which is one of the four theme parks in Disney – it’s the prettiest park. To run it we had to get up at 3:30am so we wouldn’t miss the race (it’s an early race). As we raced, there were characters out and this is one of the characters we saw and got to take a picture with:

They’re stormtroopers. We dressed up as Rey, Han Solo and Chewbacca.

The 10k was the next day. It started at Magic Kingdom (another one of the four parks) and we ran to Hollywood Studios to Boardwalk to Epcot and the finish line. For this race we had to get up at 3:15am! At the end of the race there were a lot of characters like these ones:

Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma.We dressed up as stormtroopers.

It was my first 10K race! It was also the first time my sister and I did back-to-back races. They were really fun and the medals are awesome.