Dinosaur Discoveries!

As I now take a break from writing report cards, here is a chance to take a break from reading them!

You hopefully saw a post from a few weeks back about our exploration of Greek base elements in which we found English words such as astronautchoreography, xylophone and rhinoceros–remember?  This grew into an imaginative writing project that the students really loved.  The assignment:  take that same list of Greek bases and “discover” (ie. “invent”) a dinosaur.  As you will see below, imaginations ran wild.  Most students combined two or three bases into manageable creature-names such as <pneumopyrosaur>–“fire breathing lizard”–<hexacephalosaurus>–“six-headed lizard”–or “lithodermosaur“,  the “rock-skinned lizard”.    Others were, well, somewhat more ambitious.  Good luck pronouncing “titanohexapodorhodopterodynamosoph” or other titanic tongue-twisters!  Like a massive dessert buffet, there were just too many juicy Greek bases to only choose two or three!

Our writers richly demonstrated their understanding of the Greek bases, as well as a deep understanding of the lives of these ancient lizards.  They also revealed their sense of humour and generally pretty weird imaginations.  Many, many amazing physical and behavioural characteristics were described, including upside-down flying, deep kindness and healing powers, gold bodies, hot and cold running water, and of course a wide array of hideous weaponry for repelling or wiping out other dinosaurs.  Here is a sample below, but these are currently on exhibit in our hallway so do come on by to read them up close!  Hey, make your own!!

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2 thoughts on “Dinosaur Discoveries!

  1. There are 58 fifth graders in Wisconsin who are big BIG fans of this! We loved the dinosaur names, the drawings, the scale for size, the fun facts, and the write up about where and how they live. We enjoyed the imaginative details and were inspired enough to want to invent our own. But we are not prepared today. Soon. And then we will share with you!

    • Thanks, Wisconsin! We were delighted to hear that you had seen our work and were inspired to do your own. We are just finishing up the book “Love that Dog” in which the character Jack writes poetry that is “inspired” by Walter Dean Myers, and had been inspired to write some poetry ourselves. It was fun to think of being “inspirers”! (Have you ever investigated the word inspire? It is one of my favourites).

      I told the students I had heard from Mrs. Steven last night. Abdul asked, “Was there any particular dinosaur they said they liked?” I said, “It’s funny you mention it Abdul, her students had all wanted to know ‘Who is this Abdul? His dinosaur is amazing! Why did you bother to put up any others?'” I like that Abdul and I have a relationship where I can tease him this way. But I’m sure you did notice his amazing “Pyroseismosaurus”.

      We look forward to seeing your pseudosaurs! We will be visiting your class blog soon to see all the amazing things you are up to!

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