The Secret of Love

Alright, it’s Valentine’s Day–a day to think about love and all its mystery.  A perfect day to consider the burning question, “Why don’t we just spell it <luv>?”  Wouldn’t that be simpler?  And what’s with the silent <e>?  What is its purpose?   Go ahead and think about it.  What about <luv> doesn’t seem right to you?  Feel free to ask your Grade Five Valentine if they can explain.

Why, why, why, why?  Nothing makes me happier than a bunch of students (scientists) who ask “Why?”  I was delighted that even the couple of students who knew the rules that dictate the spelling of <love> were furiously asking “Why?!”–“Why can’t we have a word end in <v>?”  “Why can’t we have a <u> next to <v>?”  So great to see them pushing for explanation instead of being content with memorization.  See for yourself what we hit upon:





One thought on “The Secret of Love

  1. Such wonderful nuggets of valuable information! I have talked about some of these, but not all. I love the way you illustrated the problem with a ‘u’ next to a ‘v’ by writing out a word. The same with illustrating writing *luve next to ‘love’.

    I will be sharing this with my students tomorrow. They love knowing other 5th grade students are scholars too! 🙂

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