A wee apology and an update

A couple of weeks ago I did a post about orthography and highlighted videos the students had made about twin bases.  I also commented on some of the things that, after watching the videos, I felt were going to need some more emphasis.

In the blur of that week, however, I missed a video!  Never saw it, never posted it, and while I recall wondering about where the work of these students went, just never got back to it.  And the students, Abbu, Ethan and Ryan are the Three Students Most Likely to Never Speak Up About Being Neglected.   Then–yesterday–I found it!  And it’s a really good little summary of what we know about twin bases with exactly the emphasis on meaning that I was looking for!

So, with apologies to Ryan and Ethan and Abbu (and the hope they will be more on my case in the future) I present:

I really appreciate a couple of things about this investigation, including what it show about these scientists’ ability to question their own findings and seek supporting evidence.  But what I most love are the questions I am left with, such as do twin bases only come from Latin roots?  I love it when our learning leads us to new learning.

3 thoughts on “A wee apology and an update

  1. Well done Ryan and Ethan and Abbu!

    So impressed with your orthographic sleuthing. The structure of the word with this word sum:
    e + duce/ + ate –> educate
    always blew me away. I love the link to words like “produce” or “deduce” with that base for the idea of “lead bring”. From the other half of this twin we gat words like and . This idea that when you educate them, you “bring, lead” them along a path of understanding is so great — and it’s exactly what you do with your video!

  2. I love that you use multiple resources to show how you scientifically determined these word’s meaning and structure. I have some students who would love to see students their age studying words this way. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thanks so much for this wonderful video, Ryan Ethan and Abbu! Seeing what you have done will inspire teachers and other students to learn about twin bases.

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