P.A. Day Word Homework

Do you find yourself struggling to fill a whole extra day away from school?  Fear not–I have some relief!  Here’s a bit of word thinking or discussion that could happen.

For the students who were away from class enjoying the world’s most popular sport (that isn’t rugby):

dscn9996I hope you had fun at the soccer tournament!  While you were running about, we were having a rich discussion about the words pictured at right.  We learned quite a lot from asking questions about these three simple little words.  We’ll share our findings on Monday, but just so you don’t feel left out:  Why do these three words have to be spelled the way they are?  (Why does <too> have to be the three-letter word instead of the two-letter word?) Why is there a <w> in <two>?

Note:  I haven’t done a post yet about our approach to word study this year which will be familiar to some and new to others.  For now, know that we are working from the proposition that “English spelling makes sense.  All spellings are logical and explainable.”  If you don’t believe that statement (and you or your child may not yet) stay tuned!

For the students who were in class using word investigation tools:

See what you can remember that you can share with your families.  (Feel free to use the links at the sidebar of this blog to get to the Word Searcher of Etymonline).  And here’s a question that someone (who were you?) called out yesterday and we never got to:   Can you think of a reason why one of the words couldn’t have been spelled <tu>?


Have a great weekend!  Play outside!  See you Monday!

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